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CBI Renames Itself to Enmore2014/11/27

To stay ahead of the times, CBI China has decided to rename itself to Enmore, literally means “to create more possibilities”, and change its company logo to a brighter and more vibrant one.

The brand-new logo has made subtle changes based on the original one but maintained its spindrift style and orange hue. The new logo reveals the spirit of the time and manifests Enmore’s leadership in the commodity service industry and its pioneering spirit in the B2B market. The main color of orange symbolizes the warm and energetic characteristics of every Enmore people. It also reveals the company’s brand personality of being professional, innovative, excellent and neutral.

Under the new name of “Enmore”, the company will better serve its clients, partners and employees and create more business values and opportunities for them. With its decade-and-a-half-long history, Enmore will always work towards its long-term objective of being an innovator and leader in transaction service sector.

The new logo of Enmore embodies the company’s new strategy of entering into the B2B service industry. It also shows its determination of providing clients with one-stop transaction service solutions so as to accomplish its mission of helping clients realize the best possible commercial value.

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