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Enmore and Akzo Nobel Co-build a New Pattern of “Internet + Automotive Aftermarket”2015/07/14

  On July 14, the cooperation signing ceremony was held in Shanghai for Enmore and Akzo Nobel which is the world's leading paint/coatings enterprise. They launched the e-procurement platform for Akzo Nobel automobile refinishing paint——Easy Paint for Automobile. It was a historic moment for automotive aftermarket, especially the field of automotive refinishing paint. It marked the change and innovation of traditional way of paint trade and distribution. The one who brought this innovation was the Enmore’s subordinate who focused on automotive aftermarket e-commerce service platform——Easy-repairing Master.


“Easy-repairing Master” is a professional e-commerce platform for automotive aftermarket, providing whole-process business solutions, such as data analysis, management system, optimized trade distribution, supply chain finance, order & inventory management and logistics transportation, for automotive repair, maintenance and modification industry. When products on Easy-repairing Master automotive aftermarket platform increased and the national logistics system layout was completed, Easy-repairing Master’s service would extend to the terminal owners, providing more choices, comparison, purchase channels, and the corresponding services for automobile owners.


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