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Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud in building focused, efficient and secured bioniformatic platform2016/07/01

With the rapid developments of sequencing technology, the cost reducing, policy supporting, and financial support, we can produce up to petabyte-level genetic data every day. However, it is still a big challenge us to analyze, interpret and excavate these large genetic data efficiently, correctly and safely.


Strong storage capacity and computational power was essential for the bioinformatic engineer to excavate useful information from the PB level data. One of the best solution is to combine the bioinformatics and cloud computing together. On the one hand, the apply of cloud computing allows users to rent hardware devices and software according to their requirements, avoiding to invent massively in the hardware and its managements; On the other hand, the raw data generated from sequencing machine provided limit and guide in clinic, which needs to be analyzed and interpreted by bioinformatics engineers, together with the engineers in big data to explore their values.


Recently Shanghai CelLoud Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CelLoud") collaborated with Alibaba cloud in building focused, efficient and secured bioniformatic platform. Together with the cloud framework of Ali cloud, CelLoud will reconstruct their cloud platform to better fit the requirements in genetic testing. In the previous system, CelLoud has provided one-stop genetic data analysis solution for clinical, scientific research and health in three dimensions, more focused, more efficient and more convenient. Here, Ali cloud will provide a complete cloud services for the solution of the computing including the genetic data transmission, storage, security, and resource allocation.

CelLoud, combined with the advance technology in information and bioinformatics, integrated high performance computing, big data mining processing and safe network infrastructure, provided one-stop solution for clinical, scientific research institutions and health fields, for the services including genetic data storage, samples management, analysis automation, data transmission and report customization.

Ali cloud has rich experiences in the area of cloud computing and big data mining, which may accelerate CelLoud to improve their requirements on data transmission, processing and safety protection. Now, CelLoud has a parallel processing ability to implement the analysis of over 2000 samples together, and also reduced the process to the minute level from the previous days.


Data security is extremely important in the Internet age.


CelLoud is a biological information analysis cloud platform that supports both private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. Our system has the same level of security encryption method as online banking, and applied the security policies for data and application in different levels, such as network, server, software and system.

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