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Collaboration with third party clinical laboratories to assist the automated......2014/05/01

With the rapid development of sequencing technology, the cost of sequencing has been rapidly reduced. The focus of the cost in sequencing has shifted to the cost in data transmission, storage, and analysis, that means, who can calculate fastly, accurately and inexpensive.


Recently, Shanghai CelLoud Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CelLoud") has reached strategic cooperations with many medical laboratories, such as kindstar-global, shines biology etc. In these business collaborations, CelLoud will provide the information analysis by cloud platform to the third party medical laboratories, complete their automated analysis processing for genetic testing data with large number of samples and big data on single sample, and generate integrative reports on cluster, so that to lower the barriers on bioinformatic analysis and improve the efficiency of enterprises. We will jointly promote the genetic testing technology to the application in clinic in future disease detection and treatment to realize common development at a high speed.


Using the combination of biotechnology and information technology, the gene analysis process for detecting the raw data is packaged into an APP and deployed on the cloud to construct a full automatic solution to solve “big samples”, “big data” and “big computation” in different areas. Finally, this process will generate the easiest accept, most user-friendly, customizing gene test reports.


CelLoud can support different molecular detection items (e.g. tumor individualization treatment and drug detection, pathogenic bacteria infection detection, genetic metabolic disease detection, chronic disease detection, etc.), different detection data types (e.g. FASTA, FASTQ, BAM, ABI, TXT, etc.), in different detection platforms (e.g. Sanger, NGS, SMRT, PCR, FISH, Chip, etc.) to deal with large numbers of samples in a parallel process.


Also, CelLoud is open to partners with API/SDK interface, which allows users to build their own automated analysis process, and accelerate the construction of platform.

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