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CelLoud Launched at the CDC2012/10/10

On October 10th, 2012, the "bio-information CelLoud platform seminar" was held at the CDC, nearly 100 researchers and grad students listened to the seminar and launched heat discussions. In order to give the participants an intuitive experience of CelLoud, a workshop was arranged after the conference to help researchers set up the use environment of the platform and answer related questions about it.


CelLoud is a cloud computing platform for bioscience and related fields, which is jointly developed by CDC, National key laboratory for communicable disease prevention, Augmentum and Miningene.(Note: in 2013, CelLoud has started to operate independently and now belongs to Shanghai CelLoud Co., Ltd.) Using Grid Computing, Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, Utility Computing, Network Storage Technologies, Virtualization, Load Balance, Remote Desktop, and other cloud computing technologihes. It integrated over 30 bioinformatic softwares and database tools to provide a new, flexible and convenient CelLoud platform for scientific researchers in vast area.


CDC is the first beneficiary of the bioinformation cloud, and our plan is to launch the first CelLoud's subsystem that specializes in bacteriology at the beginning of the next year, which will contain more than 50 applications for bacteriological research. Through the development of bioinformatics, we hope to promote the detection and control of pathogenic microorganism, and  make contributeions to the cause of disease prevention and control in China.

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