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Tuhu and Enmore reached a strategic partnership, which is to boost Tuhu’s sheet-metal spray...2018/02/06

On June 20, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Enmore and Chinas leading B2C automobile maintenance and service platform Tuhu in Shanghai. The two companies will start a comprehensive cooperation in automobile sheet-metal spray paint area and work closely together to provide professional and reliable after-sales maintenance service to satisfy our customers.

Tuhu has gradually shifted the focus of its strategic development in depth over the years, its service focus has been moved from tyre maintenance to quick repair including sheet-metal spray paint. Statistics show that there are 250 million motor vehicles in China, of which 150 million to 180 million are private cars; every car has two metal plates to be repaired in a year on average. In face of huge business opportunities in the domestic market, Tuhu makes use of its platform resources advantage, integrates its suppliers and tries to reduce customer spending through standardized and uniform operations management. Tuhu CEO Chen Min stressed: what customers really want is relatively transparent and fair price and reliable and quality guarantee service. Tuhu has been working towards this goal all the time.

In the matter of going solo or partnership, Mr. Chen has also made his own decision: we just do what we are good at, and leave the rest to our partners. Based on that view, Tuhu has reached strategic cooperation respectively with Akzo Noble on paint supply and with 3M on accessories supply. On the aspect of maintenance service, Tuhu chose To7 entrusted management service team which is part of the Enmore Group. To7 will adopt Akzo Noble standard technical process to serve every customers car. In terms of marketing and big data, Tuhu will adopt To7 sheet-metal spray paint workshop management system. With this system, car owners can keep up with the maintenance progress of their cars. 

Through the extensive cooperation with Enmore, Tuhu hopes to meet customers requirement for professional paint repair service and furthermore, to provide them with better consumption experience and continue to expand and enhance the companys brand influence.

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