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The 6th EBC Bio-Industry Conference in 2021 was successfully concluded2021/03/16

2021 EBC 6th Easy Trade Bio-Industry Conference and Trade-Easy Bio-Industry Exhibition with a two-day conference and exhibition successfully concluded. As a domestic highly influential bio-industry conference, the scale of this unprecedented, the number of participants on-site reached 5500 plus. 138 thematic reports, 16 guest interviews, 6 guest dialogues, 3 closed-door meetings constitute a wealth of content, 200 exhibitors and procurement activities provide the biological industry upstream and downstream face-to-face docking opportunities, EBC mature "conference and exhibition" model by the participants and exhibitors alike.

Theme Forum A

The contents of this conference from the "antibody drugs" "in vitro diagnosis" "cell and gene therapy" "investment and financing" four sectors, around the industry hot spots, development trends, industrial technology, talent, projects and other content planning. Molecular diagnostics covers topics such as "policy and clinical", "platform application" and "instrument leadership", antibody drug segments cover topics such as "commercial layout", "ADC session", "development innovation", "innovative research and development", "research and development progress", "process quality", and investment and financing sector covers "investment forum has come in the future" and "investment and financing and cooperation" and "project negotiations". In addition, "project cooperation" "artificial intelligence and computational medicine" "strategic transformation in new drug research and development" "Research progress in the field of solid tumor immunotherapy release" "Blood tumor field research progress release" "precision medical admission and standards" "human resources market and compensation" and other thematic forums this year also attracted the attention of participants, the scene is full of seats.

Special Forum B

The thematic forum was jointly planned by the Pharmaceutical Mingkang, Kings rui vigorous biology, Sedolis, Saint-Gobain, the collection of medicine, wise medicine, and Yuan biology, the Precision Medicine Committee of the Chinese Society of Biological Engineering and other institutions. The topic forum includes: "New Crown Topics - Industrialization Opportunities" "Biopharmaceutical Topics" "Youth Forum on Biological Products" "The Status and Prospects of Clinical Applications of Precision Medicine" and "Gene Therapy Process".

Speaker wind collection



200 plus exhibitors and EBC featured events

2021 EBC easy-to-trade bio-industry exhibition site has more than 200 instruments, supplies, services and other suppliers exhibiting, in order to better build the exhibition area exchange platform, the organizers in the exhibition area ad hoc a number of activities and functional areas: procurement docking for the purpose of VIP buyers group, procurement launch, special docking and specially led buyer tour activities; ; EBC Live With Live is a live power show for exhibitors; there's a youthful hip-hop flash; an interview room between "Media" and the Industry's Deep Dialogue.


The Yi-Enterprise Public Interest Art Exhibition Area showcases 18 works of industrial curry participating in online fund-raising activities, in addition, BIO100 plus aims to build a corporate service platform in the field of BIO in China, providing enterprises with on-line and offline overall solutions of bio100 plus zone, the site also attracted many industry representatives to stop and visit.

Exhibitor wind collection


Easy trade bio-industry conference has gone through six years, after continuous exploration, innovation, integration, development and accumulation, all the way through the thorns, breakthrough self. Whether in the size, depth, breadth of the conference, or in the exhibition size, quality, scope, have been greatly improved, leading the industry. Easy trade medical adhering to the initial heart, and constantly broaden and improve the life sciences field of the entire industrial chain cooperation and exchange platform.

Here, I would like to express our special thanks to the current EBC Co-Organizers China Anti-Cancer Association, China Bioengineering Society Precision Medicine Committee, FDA Expert Association, Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, Sansheng Guojian, Junshi Bio, Dongyu Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Biology, Pharmaceutical Mingjuno, Berry Gene, Reindeer Medical, Yino Micropharma, Gem Flower Pharmaceuticals, Lidi Bio, Decheng Capital, Illumina Inmina, CICC, SAPA-China Securities, Also thank you for your support and affirmation of the meeting, EBC, we will see you next year!

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