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Premier Li Keqiang Visits Enmore2012/03/01

China’s Vice Premier Li Keqiang, Shanghai Party Chief Yu Zhengsheng, Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng and NDRC Chairman Zhang Ping visited Enmore headquarters in Shanghai on 17 February 2012. Enmore CEO Zhang Ye introduced the company’s business model and future planning to them.

With the boom of modern service industry in China, Enmore has grown into a leading commodity information and consulting service provider and on-line marketplace in Shanghai through restructuring and industry upgrading. Leaders visited the group’s display platform on the 8th floor of Enmore Building and listened to Mr. Zhang’s report about the group’s innovation service model and future development planning.

Premier Li expressed his encouragement and affirmation for Enmore’s innovative efforts in commodity industry. Also, he pointed out that producer service sector is an essential part of the real economy and it functions as a link among other industries. The development of service industry, especially modern service sector, will be very important to China’s GDP growth. The sector is a crucial support for technological innovation. It’s necessary for China to carry out industrial restructuring and place priority to the development of service sector, especially in developed areas and major cities, nowadays.

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