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Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee Chen Changzhi Visits Enmore2011/05/09

Mr. Chen Changzhi, Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee and Chairman of China Democratic National Construction Association (CNDCA) Central Committee, Mr. Zhang Shaoqin, Secretary-General of NPC Standing Committee and Vice Chairman of CNDCA Central Committee, Mr. Gu Shengzu, member of NPC Standing Committee and Vice Chairman of CNDCA Central Committee and other CNDCA officials visited Enmore on 5 May 2011. They were welcomed by Enmore CEO Zhang Ye, Vice President Zhang Yu and Chief Planning Officer Wang Yonghong.

Mr. Zhang introduced the recent development of Enmore Group to these leaders and envisaged the company’s idea of building an on-line commodity spot transaction platform based in Shanghai. He pointed out that this platform will open access for commodity market players to an easy, transparent, reliable and win-win commodity transaction environment. The platform will significantly improve market transparency, optimize industry structure, attract more third-party service suppliers in China and abroad, promote service innovation and finally help Enmore accomplish its mission of making trade easier.

Mr. Chen expressed his affirmation for Enmore’s achievements made over the past 12 years. He also highly praised the group’s innovation-driven development idea and strategic transformation to a commodity transaction service expert. Mr. Chen pointed out that enterprises need to pay attention to individualized development in the course of developing modern service industry so as to avoid the problem of product and service homogeneity. Later, Mr. Chen and other officials visited Enmore’s administrative areas and talked to some employees. He understood their works and encouraged those with good ideas.

Mr. Chen’s visit cheered up Enmore employees. It made them realize how valuable their works are and determine to work harder in the future. 

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