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Enmore establish a Fresh Agricultural Product E-commerce Institute2015/04/15

  On April 15, Jinan Fruit Research Institute All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Co-operatives and Enmore signed a cooperation agreement. The two parties will develop extensive cooperation on many aspects, such as the e-commerce research institute, fruit and vegetable industry information, agricultural product trading services, e-commerce, and quality tracking.


Established in 1999, Enmore mainly engages in seven business modules, i.e. information consultation, business exhibition, trading agency, supply chain management, financing service, trading platform, cloud computing and big data. Its subordinate, YIGUO, is committed to building a comprehensive food service network platform, promoting the safe and healthy food culture, and creating  harmonious and environmentally-friendly high-quality life atmosphere. At present, it is the largest fresh agricultural e-commerce platform. It has established cooperative relations with some e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Tmall, with strong platform advantages and information network.


Wu Maoyu, the president of Jinan Fruit Research Institute, who was optimistic about prospects for cooperation between both sides, pointed out “Enmore and Cooperatives have the common connotation and denotation. Jinan Fruit Research Institute should work closely with Enmore. It should not only set a good example in the development of fresh agricultural product e-commerce, guaranteeing "the last one kilometer" of the fresh agricultural product distribution, but also deepen cooperation in fruit and vegetable processing, cold-chain distribution, warehousing logistics, etc.


Both sides agreed to give full play to the resource advantages of Jinan Fruit Research Institute and Enmore, starting all-round cooperation. They would build a fresh agricultural product e-commerce institute and focus on the cooperation of agricultural informatization key areas with some applications on e-commerce platform, such as agricultural enterprise consulting services, convention and exhibition industry, commodities trading services, standardization construction of fresh product e-commerce and the traceability system of agricultural product quality and safety. In order to make the cooperation done as soon as possible, Jinan Fruit Research Institute cooperates with the Enmore’ssubordinateYIGUO first. Jinan Fruit Research Institute takes its industry advantage and promotes dozens of fresh fruits which are characteristic and high-quality. The sales promotion and pilot of these fruits will be carried out by YIGUO in the official website, mobile terminal and Tmall network.


The signing of the agreement helps to give full play to their respective advantages in the fruit and vegetable industry and information service field, which will reduce loss, add value and improve efficiency of agricultural products, playing an exemplary role in some aspects, such as enhancing the level of quality and safety of agricultural products.

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