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CelLoud's  Introduction:


Shanghai CelLoud Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CelLoud")  is committed to innovation and application of biomedical informatics technology, cloud computing technology and big data technology and dedicates to creating a cloud ecosystem in bioinformatic analysis for genetic testing industry.


Win in CelLoud:


Research&Development in Bioinformatics: With experiences more than a decade, projects of our R&D team cover all boinformatic analyses in oncology, medical genetics, pathogeny microbiology, etc.

Data Analysis: Sequencing data mining, blast, and deep analysis via integrated technology of bioinformatics,cloud and high-performance computation.

Total Solution in Genetic Testing: Integrated platform with sample management, data analysis and report generation.

Consolidated Channel: Benefits for users to develop their business under the channel with integrated sources.


Company News:


Oct. 2017, Collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific-Life in clinic medicine

July 2017, Collaboration with 3A grade hospitals in the quick delivery of clinic reports in genetic testing

July 2016, Collaboration with Alibaba cloud in building dedicated, efficient and secured bioniformatic platform.

Dec.2015, “Triple 100”: The numbers of bioinformatics tools, registered users and daily active users are over 100.

Jan. 2015, Strategic alliance with couples of NGS reagent enterprises to provide clinic oriented data analysis system.

Feb. 2014, Collaboration with numbers of third party medical laboratories to provide clinic oriented data analysis system.

Jan. 2014, Collaboration with Huawei cloud to build cloud platform in bioinformatics.

Dec. 2013, Establishment of Shanghai CelLoud Co., Ltd and operating the CelLoud platform independently.

Oct. 2013, Collaboration with Institute of Microbiology,CAS,and launching could platform for data analysis in microbiolgy

Dec. 2012   Collaboration with China CDC in providing services in epidemiological test and academic purposes.

Oct. 2012, Launching the first bioinformatic cloud platform in China, CelLoud

Shanghai CelLoud Co., Ltd.


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