Auto Aftermarket

As part of the Enmore Group, EZ4S focuses its efforts on serving the automotive aftermarket.

Adhering to the group company’s service concept of “being professional and innovative”, with excellent technical background and industry resources, we began to bend ourselves to build the EZ4S platform in 2014. Through this platform, we provide three core services for sheet-metal spray paint customers in the automotive aftermarket:

We provide branded companies and group clients with brand channel management service on three aspects: convenient and efficient order and inventory management tools that enhance the circulation efficiency of traditional orders; assistance on rational production and purchase to optimize inventory based on periodic trends of orders and actual consumption; data analysis that supports customer’s purchase plan and demand prediction.

We also provide our repair station clients with To7 sheet-metal spray paint workshop management system and sheet-metal spray paint entrusted management service which helps them improve maintenance efficiency and service quality through information-based means and standardized management. To7 sheet-metal spray paint workshop management system is a good helper for fine, data, mobile and transparent process management. We provide sheet-metal spray paint workshops with fundamentals solutions to their three major problems – cost, efficiency and quality control – through to7 spray paint entrusted management service.

Based on the above two services, EZ4S also provides consultancy and big data service. Through data accumulation and analysis, we provide sheet-metal spray paint related enterprises with management consultancy and assistance to their business decision.

Insurance business matching, business channeling, technician output, management training, technical evaluation and more value-added services will be available at EZ4S platform. We will never stop to improve our services for better customer experience.

EZ4S’s top-quality service based on its profound industry experience has been widely recognized by industry clients.

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